Entry 13

It has been raining heavily since an hour and there’s been a power outage in my area, I am trying to study for my tests and it feels excruciating to try to concentrate and read a little bit. My phone’s battery is low and I am so stranded without internet and I just want to […]

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Bad hair and Cheesy smiles.

No matter how beautiful and charming you might be now and how super sexy is your character, there is this one photo (maybe few more) of yours back from the school days that upon seeing every time makes you remind of how ugly, awkward and a disgrace to the human race you were once. Hey! […]

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Letting go.

Later this month, one of my friend is going to Canada for further studies, if that’s what he does. But anyways, deep in the gut i feel like i should be sad that he’s going and it kinda gets that way sometimes.

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Here in India majority of the time we experience scorching heat, winter shows up for some time too. And a lot of people crave for the intermediary rains or monsoons. It is not particularly the best time of the year but yeah when you face average 45o C for almost 3 months then yeah, you’re […]

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This one’s for you.

So the football legend Lionel Messi decided to retire today after losing for the 4th consecutive time for Argentina in finals. A lot of people say it was wise decision and a lot of people are sad on hearing this news. He has been exceptionally brilliant in the field and done miracles for the nation. […]

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Bitch does it look like I care?

Folks! LOL I love this virtual imaginative conversation with my not-so-many readers amongst which few them are non-virtual too. Basically I wanted to talk about LOVE, it is a great experience how two people meet up and how God matches up these couples from heaven itself, responsibility and believing in destiny and arrrrgh, actually bro […]

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Entry 6

Well it’s a routine now, posting a new title almost every week, I had to do it again. I did not get any good topic to write about anytime soon, but here I am again trying to write this for the sheer pleasure I get when I write of what’s going on in my mind […]

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