I think as a kid, as it usually goes with almost everyone, I was hypnotized into thinking that you have to be romantically attracted to someone. Because KIDS! Every guy around was like, “Hey Bruce! -” (for a guy with Asian origin, that won’t be my name. To the topic anyways) “- tell me who […]

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Entry 13

It has been raining heavily since an hour and there’s been a power outage in my area, I am trying to study for my tests and it feels excruciating to try to concentrate and read a little bit. My phone’s battery is low and I am so stranded without internet and I just want to […]

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Letting go.

Later this month, one of my friend is going to Canada for further studies, if that’s what he does. But anyways, deep in the gut i feel like i should be sad that he’s going and it kinda gets that way sometimes.

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This one’s for you.

So the football legend Lionel Messi decided to retire today after losing for the 4th consecutive time for Argentina in finals. A lot of people say it was wise decision and a lot of people are sad on hearing this news. He has been exceptionally brilliant in the field and done miracles for the nation. […]

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Travelling in mass transport systems is sometimes a great headache, mostly everytime if you have settled in India! I don’t do that type of journeys a lot but I boarded a train quite a few times and you just cannot expect the next journey to be better than before. So there was this one time […]

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The dreamt friends.

It been a while I have written anything apart from an unsympathetic confession and a greatly imbalanced movie review. Well speaking about the topic, every one has had dreamt or fantasised for some great examples of friends. Which contains mostly the combination of Coolness and Smartness among the mutuality of them and the friends which […]

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