Take a moment.


It was beautiful. A state of excitement, the deep bass acting as a drug, people dancing to the music, a rhythmic thumping is felt, hearts race as they catch some breath between their shouts and for a little time, they had forgotten it was the last day of their college. Yes, it was farewell night.

-But aren’t you in the second year?

Yes! And I am writing this because I don’t want to wait till my last year. It sure was a great time to have such great seniors (very few of them being my friends). I’d like to tell them this, just like these 3 short years of their college life, what makes life precious is that it won’t last forever. What makes it beautiful? It’s that it ends! Surely, every one of you might be asking yourself that why did the college have to end? It’s because only then you truly would have known how precious and beautiful moments you had in that time! Be deprived of something and then desire for it again, doesn’t that childish behavior stay with us for the rest of our lives? I think everyone should once in a while feel that coming, take a moment, pause the time and just be grateful to be in it! Who knows “kal ho na ho”?

-Look man, it’d help if you may elaborate!

I honestly don’t know! Never thought I would write anything about my college. I am just writing things as they pop up in my mind and that included one movie reference up there too! Thing is I want you to know that, in these two years of my college, I have learnt that whatever you do in this life, whatever you desire for, just go for it! Be it that weird dance on the streets, that drunk call or that bucket list of yours (people do have that right?) by the way I made those things up, but you have to do it! As long as you enjoy the experience, it was definitely worthwhile and even if it doesn’t match your expectations or you fell short somewhere, you will still be left with a great story to tell! So, as I said before, just like this very brief time in your college, life is too short to regret! It will be better instead to play those old records in your mind again and have a tear roll off your cheek.


One thought on “Take a moment.

  1. Great work bro! You purely express the feelings of a hundred people who couldn’t express them correctly through words. You got that talent! Keep going.. ❤️


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