Urlav ruins Foreign Study Programs

You must be thinking this kind of topic is not my genre, mostly informational and educational it might be and I write completely opposite to it. Well, you’re right and it is taking me some lack of sleep, migraine like headache, hunger of 2 skipped meals, lot of missing one of my friend who revolutionized last month by going to abroad to pursue his college and A LOT OF CAFFEINE!

Annoyed reader: then, shouldn’t your topic be “Farewell my friend” or something like that or something motivational?

You’re right, it should be, but that’s too much of a cliché to me and him as well. Added to it, I just can’t seem to prevent him from feeling guilty of leaving his dope ass friend here! AND when he comes back to visit India, I don’t want him transformed into a dick and saying shit like “the coffee is so much better in New Zealand” or “You people still do this thing,?Thank heavens for making me leave India at the right time” and stuff like that! So here it is, some legit reasons you shouldn’t go study abroad:

 The General Scene: Most of you find, regardless of being a student or a parent, studying abroad is a very great opportunity for you or your child. You might think at first that there the scopes and opportunities for you broadens as you go and complete your college in a developed country. This trend has been contagious for developing countries like India and many other south Asian and African countries. Also, in the short run you might be able to get a better study environment and very good lifestyle (only if you are rich) during your graduation years. Hence it seems pretty attractive and beneficial for anyone who goes to foreign countries to complete their studies. But it is not always the case that these programs prove good to you or maybe to think that all your potential is recognized over there because that is mostly never the case. I am not stopping you to go and study at the place you wish to and some of you who are overly obsessed with the idea of studying in abroad might find this article uninteresting but let me start with few of the points and leave it to you to decide if I am right or not.

  1. They drain out your pockets!

Or your father’s or lose your ancestral property okay, you get the idea! You see not everyone is a dazzling nerd here and not all of you get scholarships. The idea of inviting foreign students to these universities is just to keep their funds raised. Besides most of the countries don’t provide student loans to you! So it is better to find a good college in your country itself if you’re willing to pay so generously.

  1. Do you get enough work hours there?

If yes, you’re lucky, if no you are still lucky technically (You can afford the college without working yourself, bitch!) But to the point it is again a drawback that either you get lesser work hours than the residents or you get none, basically it is again compromising your dad’s hard work for a degree or that would be of same value and much lesser amount at your home country!

  1. You’re away!

Look, it must sure be fun in the beginning. Tasting the freedom you get, living on your own managing it all, earning your own bread and studying without the hindrance of anyone. You create your own social routine, improve at life skills and other stuff but let’s be honest, it all gets boring and miserable after some given time. You will surely miss your mom’s food and friend’s beer!

  1. What after your degree?

There’s a big chance that you will wish to live the rest of your life over there and there’s nothing wrong in it. Anyone would do that (besides your primary goal was to settle in there so as you can show it off back here, you know who you are I don’t need to specify thise of you basic bitches!). See, I don’t like the idea of just leaving a country in which you were born and brought, doesn’t it give you a sense of not being wrapped with some history of that place? Or not being woven around your culture and trends anymore? If you don’t, no beef then, but if you’re that kind of a person, I strongly suggest you not to go because even if you decide to come back after your graduation, it’ll be another time you have to face to adjust in a new environment and that’ll eat up half of your time and lots of efforts which you could’ve put at finding a girlfriend maybe?

  1. Ever heard of brain drain?

NO? That’s what I thought. Now, pay attention you noob. What you just did is gave that country all your potential at a very low price which could’ve been recognized in your country at its full. Most of the jobs you’ll get there, are they going to give you the same salary, the same leaves and same benefits as that’ll be offered to a resident over there? NO! And besides how do you feel to work for a foreign country and give your time and expertise to it at a very low price and even if it is recognized, ultimately the credit will go to that country and not yours! And that is exactly what brain drain is (for your country)!

  1. Okay, I am tired of numbering the points, I will just write up the things as they come in my mind. Okay?

More annoyed reader: you suck at sticking to a format.

I know bro, but it’s about sending a message.

Leaving the dark knight shit and back to the point,

So what I am trying to tell you guys since the beginning is that it sure is fun going to abroad  and studying there, but are you sure it really is worth it? The way I figure it, it’s not about how good a university you got enrolled to, it’s all about how good you want to study and that my friend can be accomplished from anywhere. Period (Says the guy who’s shifting to the states in about a month). Besides that, honestly I don’t want any of my friends come back to India in a few years completely changed, with a different accent, trying to outsmart the natives here, looking differently dressed and speaking some random phrases. I mean, why you are living in a country which makes your ass work till it gets stone cold numb, deprived of most of the basic benefits and rights over there, sacrificing your people and culture and a country who brought you up just because you think it’ll look cool. Is that a life worth living? To be honest, it has and will always remain more of an idiotic cliché to me.


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