A day at the hospital. (Or evening)

It has been my fantasy to find any one of my friends in an ambulance fighting for their life and I would be sitting right next to them asking them to hold on just a little longer and then I could pull off that implausible look on my face just like in the movies. Gosh it’d be so awesome.

So it actually happened! One of my friend quite fortunately managed to make a quantum leap into my mind and decided to injure herself. So it was a big accident, blood spilled all over the road and dripping from her forehead. The ambulance had already arrived before I got there, the doctor said a lot of blood had already been lost and not to waste much time or she might die. Before the doctor could complete this my friend had already passed out and it is at this moment I’ll let you know none of this is true and it wasn’t really anything so serious (I hate to add this). Skipping to the part of me in the hospital, so while she was being diagnosed, I had plenty of time to wander around (since I have never been to a hospital before).

The reception area must be the only room on earth that is 24*7 haunting by thought (speaking of which do ghosts get sick leaves?). It was already 9 in the evening when I got there, although it were transformed into a quiet place, one can almost experience chills from the screams of the unfortunate (have you seen YouTube channel – Top 5 Unknowns, *spoiler alert*). The waiting room is a funny place too. I never realised that people can not only discuss politics and cricket but also doctors and hospitals and the diseases of course! No matter if its noon or midnight you’ll always find a lady who keeps asking everyone about their sufferings and would talk so loud (she gotta learn the consequences of being loud in a waiting room)! Also she’ll possibly be accompanied by a “everything’s fine now” guy. His job is to dial numbers and shout “just talked to the doctor, everything is fine now.”  Such a retard! The next thing I notice is a coffee machine! Just like in the movies, the place in the vicinity where pilgrims of grief and worry come to, you know, get a little caffeinated so they can stay awake all the time and think of the what could go wrong and what went wrong and wish they could turn back time (did you just imagine Channing Tatum leaning over one of the machine?). Moving on, I went out for a breath of fresh air, what I see next to the medical store after the canteen, in dark gloomy corner people were smoking cigarettes because why not? Can’t we contribute to the society of Doctors because a cigarette a day keeps those doctors in pay. Getting back to the waiting room, almost as bored as I were before i went for the quest of entertainment, I almost forgot about one thing, the only thing in a hospital which can not be gross but are adorable! The babies! (Don’t judge) In defense of my disclosure, babies are not always cute and adorable and cool, but in a place like hospital, you gotta admit it. So there was this guy in the lobby, probably a medical student discussing about a patient, skipping a formal conversation of ours. When he decides to leave I stop him and ask “Excuse me! Where are the babies though?” I swear I have never been observed with eyes so suspicious. He looked at me as if the next thing I were to ask for was one of his Kidneys! Good thing he just smiled and told me it was a bit late and took off (as if he was to save the babies from being smuggled). A little more of waiting and my friend had been diagnosed to be completely alright (she’s going through a breakdown) and it was only physical weakness (it is actually chronic fatigue) and she will be back to normal in sometime (she’ll go into severe coma).

And may these overpaid tools keep using “verbally hard to catch” phrases and “impossible to read” reports to keep people healthy and alive.


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