Entry 13

It has been raining heavily since an hour and there’s been a power outage in my area, I am trying to study for my tests and it feels excruciating to try to concentrate and read a little bit. My phone’s battery is low and I am so stranded without internet and I just want to post this one as soon as I get connected back. It felt as crummy as all of these above mentioned things are, when I made up my mind to write upon some of the recent events in India and a topic which I’d have never thought of writing upon.Getting straight to it, I am just as disappointed as any human can right now be regarding the terrorist attack that took place in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir. To me it doesn’t even feel like a topic to be surfaced for debates. Well still, everyone knows there’ll be chaos for it, religious sentiments questioned and most importantly politics will try its part. And everyone are maybe just right in their awkward self-righteousness, I don’t blame anyone. My question is why these minority of people who immorally modify their and a little other mindsets to bring disorder and destruction to this lovely world that has been gifted us? The way I see it is how millions of years of evolution, these great inventions and of all the ease in the life and yet some chose to disturb that? Why don’t we get over our greed and aim for better life in harmony. There will always be a distortion even in a perfectly established society but it doesn’t conclude that it will bring ripples and break the peace. Humanity at its pinnacle of progression and some still can’t get along with it. And in this century it almost seems as stupid as I feel right now thinking of it, to think of religion as reason for it.

I think no religion is superior to other, but all the religions in the world teach us one common lesson and that is humanity. And that is to treat everyone equal and not only should there be the generosity in every individual but a sense of justice. Every religion asks to bring peace to everyone, and I don’t think it can be the causality of this peace, we are talking about, brings challenge and chaos to the other. I know what those terrorists did to my nation and I will admit that my initial reaction upon knowing it was to avenge those and hope for justice to the victims. But now that I realize it will never stop all this mess, I’d rather hope that may God helps these naïve people get over there vengeance and help them see around what a beautiful world it is to live in. And let them see there are still people who live life greater than what they suffer.


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