Bad hair and Cheesy smiles.

No matter how beautiful and charming you might be now and how super sexy is your character, there is this one photo (maybe few more) of yours back from the school days that upon seeing every time makes you remind of how ugly, awkward and a disgrace to the human race you were once. Hey! I am not saying this, its the voices in your head speaking (do you always get a roast from your own conscience)So while scrolling down on my own facebook photos ( yes! I stalk myself), I found this one picture of 7th grade of year 20** (I don’t remember) which got me a little perplexed but then it wasn’t exactly only me that put me in a state of annoyance but almost the whole class did. Talking about myself first, I grew up not to be a fashion devoted guy, so typically like every mom groomed school kid, I had some distinct features like oil dripping from hair (so much that you could fry bacon), cleanly tucked in uniform (not to mention ironed), a plain face that won’t ever smile in any photo. Carrying on with the photo, in the middle is the *tadaaaa* the greatest class-teacher the world has ever got, angry looking, fat and the most cruel one, I mean she can even beat Mike Tyson to death (She ate students for her lunch I swear!). Then to the right are the girls, lets just say that all of them were girly! really really girly with all their girly things or maybe I was too shy to talk to them back then (I didn’t knew that i’d have to write about it one day). To the left are the boys, the tall one (really dumb), the other tall one (a real life comparison to Chandler Bing),  the fat bully one (he still is), I sit below in the extreme left and my row is lets just say filled with awesome people (not exaggerating) excluding one (not me), the last row sitting even below me are then considered midgets. So that’d be it about the picture but the awkwardness does not end here with just one picture, kept scrolling down the album and got even uglier ones(Try it yourself)! Clearly these pictures depict some very awkward years of my life. 

There was a picture of me where I played the role of a policeman in the school drama. A skinny short guy wearing a uniform so large for him that it literally droops from the shoulder of the guy standing next to him, belt worn at an angle of 45° and a toy gun (stop imagining me, it cannot be all true, I can even add a blue face with 3 eyes to it). Well about the picture particularly not many of my friends know of it but my mother continues to humiliate me by keeping it in her phone.

Then there’s picture from my 6th grade where you could find two guys playing swords (rulers actually) a great big nerd looking at the chaos in disgust, one guy trying to pose and the main attraction to the picture is a guy in the centre, so close to the camera and screaming so huge that even his uvula is terrified and it almost looks as if the photo was taken right before that guy engulfed the camera. (Now don’t work your brains to figure me out from all of the people mentioned, please don’t I am really ashamed of this one already)

Finishing this post with last one, this is the one which went completely out of memory but thanks to a friend for making me ashamed of myself again. It goes like this, a group picture, during a school trip, everyone looking fancy, one guy looking fancier, everyone trying to give an expression which they probably thought was cool, but one guy smiling wide and breaking the uniformity and then there’s this another guy laying over others wearing dad’s glasses (too huge, he should’ve realised it by now) and worst of it is that none of it suits his skinny ass and okay that’s a lot! I was young and foolish back then! I am ending this post here! That’s All folks about realising how pathetic you looked back in the day, so any kid reading this, you got time plenty to keep it cool.



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