Letting go.

Later this month, one of my friend is going to Canada for further studies, if that’s what he does. But anyways, deep in the gut i feel like i should be sad that he’s going and it kinda gets that way sometimes.

And it is really hard to stop from overthinking and imagining how your routines or maybe in some cases LIFE can change just by the dismissal of 1 person. Eventually you meet a lot of temporary people which come and go, while some stay and that’s how its always worked. what i am trying to say is doesn’t matter if they’re permanent or temporary, all those people somehow imprint something on us and end up defining who we are right now, or will be in future. You make memories, sometimes learn lessons or are let down, but at last it ends up defining who you are! That’s the beauty of it, the way i see it, the whole world is entangled and wickedly connected with everything and everyone somehow and not only does it brings a sense of harmony to me, but also a kind of equilibrium to all the emotions we all ever face. Let’s face it, happier one gets more chances is that he/she might soon get let down by something way too easily just to end up being sad, or vice versa! For instance, if i am sad for losing a friend maybe there in the Great white north, someone is gonna welcome him with all the warmness, it can be start of a new friendship or some romance or maybe if the superhero stuff could have been real, he could be a sidekick to some darkish knight there! But that sure doesn’t mean the end of a chapter from our story, I am not gonna end anything, I’d take it as phase of life and now i am moving on. Obviously i am meeting him maybe every couple of years, I sure will miss him but I’ll remain stronger than what i suffer. This post isn’t only for him but rather to thank everyone i have met in my life, who are right now with me and an awful other lot of people i am about to meet and i am always gonna carry or at least try carrying the good part of them that i got influenced by. Eventually everyone’s life is just a series of meeting people and letting go! What’s important is taking a moment from the swift time and thank that person for everything and say goodbye. Not everyone lasts forever, what does last forever are the memories and that big smile on your face when you remember that person. Wrapping it up I’d say that we start excited, seek something pure, and then its upto you to end it up ugly or beautiful. 

p.s i am not ending anything, (as i said its upto you)


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