Pokémon; everything you need to know.

So here’s a great application which neither seems to have any kind of goal or anything that can define it as a game. But proceeding with the game you’ll right away be thrown into the game, given the option of 3 Pokémon’s you’ll be given the option to choose from. There’s no Pikachu in that but here’s the thing for those Pikachu obsessed people. If you be careful enough not to get tempted and touch any one of the three Pokémons and walk away from the general radius, the Pokémon’s disappear from there and get spawned again near to you. Now repeat it four times and the fourth time a Pikachu will appear with them too. Now to catch a Pokémon you have to battle which is just by touching it and trying to throw a ball at it. Just so practical, catching a creature in a ball who’s size just a fraction of it. Back in the days I thought of it to be a technological advancement, but yeah it sure felt battle than spinning tops, well I developed a liking for it later too.

Carrying on with the game, is just after your first encounter you’ll have to do loads of travelling and walking in the quest of creepy creatures. You can even change the name of your Pokémon’s, which I strongly recommend, as when you have some loads of them and especially because every Pokémon has got its different CP aka combat power, it is difficult to remember each. Gain XP after catching each Pokémon and level up, the more your level, the better the chance of getting powerful Pokémon’s. You also get candies and stardust for every Pokémon you catch and that’ll be required to juice up that particular type. I am not saying everyone has already mastered the art of throwing balls virtually, which is so annoying at the beginning but once you learn it, giving a good swirl to your ball before you throw it at those innocent creatures gives you bonus, also hitting the shrinking green circle. And you’re good to go.

But what I am saying is does anyone feel what a piece of total shit this game is? Cause I do.

If someone asked me to dream it up perfect, I’d have wished for a lot of action than the walking around thing. I know games are meant to be impractical and nowhere near to the real world but hey, at least Call Of Duty gives you some excitement or even Clash of Clan should’ve dominated this one (Am not saying COC is good though). The biggest problem with the game is this annoying server crashes that happens all the time! And most of the time I am sitting on my dumb ass thinking how slow has my internet been all this years and that’s exactly when these guys tell me it’s not the fault of my fucking internet but its theirs! Thing is a lot many of people have grown out of the love for Pokémon during their teenage and when you suddenly bring ’em back, it’s just like meeting an ex you were very fond of, then started losing interest and one fine day she shows up at your door pleading to accept her back, I mean it’s hard! And it’s nice to dream of bringing Pokémon to real world, but just imagine trying to find a Pokémon on some random guy’s crotch at the train would be so unpleasant (Thank god they included the option to turn it off). There are some other reasons that might make you rethink about liking the game so much, for example looking like a lost idiot in your own general vicinity! You sure might’ve loved the game but your smartphone battery won’t (Enable the battery saver, so when you put the phone in your pocket it’ll dim the screen and might save some battery).

Concluding it, I’d say the game has so far done a great job in bringing out people from their homes and try to make them go places, explore what the world is telling to them, but it won’t be correct totally since people still are just constantly in their phones. I have been a childhood admirer of the Pokeworld but it is moment that passed and this game is not just going to make me relive it. I just think its only a matter of imitation and huge wave of hype that’ll just end sooner or later.

Oh snap! There’s a Charizard nearby!

Later folks.


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