Here in India majority of the time we experience scorching heat, winter shows up for some time too. And a lot of people crave for the intermediary rains or monsoons. It is not particularly the best time of the year but yeah when you face average 45o C for almost 3 months then yeah, you’re likely to go Yaay! Finally! Rains! It is a lovely time,

Like you finally get some cool breeze on your way to college, with some extra dirt and mud on feet (It’s complimentary).

Like you can enjoy and dance in the showers, no matter if you already have a houseful laundry to dry which mostly hangs wherever your eyes reach.

Like you can go for walk in the cool atmosphere with free splashes from in hurry commuters or maybe even punks. (If a punk is reading don’t get cocky again)

Or maybe you can just open your balcony for a breath of fresh air but don’t mind finding out that a drainage might have choked and your neighborhood is converted into a 3 feet pool!

You can sleep peacefully to the sound of rains minus the croaks of sexually active frogs!

You can take more sick leaves, diseases occur in masses during this time.

Oh, oh yeah one more thing its not yet trending here but, you can’t go walking around searching for Pokémons.

Okay, rains are supposedly good but it’s an urban life I live, and this is what I experience along the candy sweet rains. Anyways as the majority sees it, rains do finally bring a relief to their longing for a likeable environment. And they do help the farmers and industrialists a lot, which is what the country basically relies on and so this post is for thanking the almighty (if there’s one) for bringing showers of joy to my people if lessened some discomforts here and there.


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