This one’s for you.


So the football legend Lionel Messi decided to retire today after losing for the 4th consecutive time for Argentina in finals. A lot of people say it was wise decision and a lot of people are sad on hearing this news. He has been exceptionally brilliant in the field and done miracles for the nation. And it was a absolute shocker for me when he declared to retire. It is nothing about his football skills to me, undoubtedly he is a great player though, but he has been more of an inspiration to keep moving forward no matter what, at the ground or at life. And that’s what he has been best at, being diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, being small, being away from his nation and all the other ups and downs he’s been through he kept pushing it. But that all does not make him successful, what makes a man successful? It’s being a gentleman, responsibilities, realizations, friendships, hardships and so much love! That’s what Messi taught me.


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