Bitch does it look like I care?

Folks! LOL I love this virtual imaginative conversation with my not-so-many readers amongst which few them are non-virtual too. Basically I wanted to talk about LOVE, it is a great experience how two people meet up and how God matches up these couples from heaven itself, responsibility and believing in destiny and arrrrgh, actually bro its shit! And all I could ever get in my mind for things that I could love is ummm pizza maybe and that’s it! True Story.
Actually there are some people who are greatly influenced by the idea of how full of people, the world is and there are some who are greatly inspired by Barney Stinson a.k.a Neil Patrick Harris, basically they live a dope life according to me, and are brave enough not to rely their basic emotions on some idiotic “partner”! Or maybe they never got a partner and hence the “grapes are sour”, I fit in both the criteria! So this post is everything I have seen commonly among people in relationship and their annoying stuff which particularly always makes me feel like why he/she don’t say “Bitch, does it look like I care?” Just say it man!

I’ll start with the types of girlfriends.
1. The Cheating ones.
Honestly these type has rarely come to my notice, but telling you the general scenario, its mostly like you know it, your other friends know it, the pet your friend gifted her knows it, maybe even your friend’s girlfriend’s other boyfriend knows it too, but that guy is just too dumb to figure it out or maybe too scared to accept the bitterness. Well he ends up continuing to pay her phone bills, oh I so pity that guy. (Sometimes its vice-versa too, I am getting to that part)
Final Sentence – Cheat back maybe.
2. The Insecure ones.
This type is really a pain in the ass, I just can’t find out one good thing to keep the strings attached (I mean to keep the relationship going). They are possessive, sometimes over-possessive, doubt a lot, and dear boys say bye to all of your other friends that are girls. These type of girls have so much developed their doubting skills that they could even doubt upon your masculinity.
Final Sentence – Just learn to not give a shit!
3. The Sweet ones.
Usually this kind of good girls usually wind up being with the bad guy. They are I wouldn’t say mature but rather a weird mix of dumbness in their maturity. They keep stalking the boyfriend, keep on wondering things and a lot of stuff but just can’t conclude to breakup because they are the sweet ones and GOD DIDN’T GIVE THEM THE AUTHORIITY TO DO SO or something like that, but be brave take the step girls!
Also the girls which don’t wind up with bad guys, eventually just become too sweet for the boys to handle, it’s really a diabetes thingy in a relationship perspective.
Final Sentence – Again, let’s not give a shit!
4. The Let me showoff on Snapchat ones.
Actually this one’s a new. But its happening. They just can’t keep things to themselves, it has to be posted on snapchat or instagram or facebook that how loving their boyfriend is and how greatly satisfied she’s with it. It’s adorable in the beginning but once your jealous friend who secretly has a crush on you is satisfied with your mate, I suggest you to stop as its really annoying afterwards.
Final Sentence – A tape maybe?? (Not the mix-tapes your boyfriend gave you!)

Maybe I should stop hurting all the female readers’ sentiments and shift to the shitty BOYS!
1. The Jealous one.
This are hilarious, really. As they can even get angry at you talking to one of his bestfriends. And yes you have no authority to talk to any of the flirtatious guy which you might find interesting.
Final Sentence – Give him more burns.
2. The I am okay with it, I just want to be with her one.
I have a lot of respect for this type of guys, how they tolerate all the tantrums and all the demands they willingly fulfil. But they’re mostly okay with everything the girl does or wants (good sometimes). I lied about the respect part, I rather get frustrated by the thought of it, no respect honestly.
Final Sentence – Ice-cream for me too!
3. The Self-obsessed Dickhead one.
He mainly has his ego, sometimes a gym freak, has no” you” in the relationship, but dear girls do show some interest if you lose some because this type of boyfriends are mainly rich. Atleast you could go shopping!
Final Sentence – Curves against his cuts.
4. The Nice Guy!
And this is the last one the most awesome and the one all girls desire of. He’s cool with whatever you do and the genuine guy. He’ll have his girls interests at his heart.
Final Sentence – You have to take advantage of him!
So that’s all folks and by the way given qualities of the examples may overlap with individuals.


2 thoughts on “Bitch does it look like I care?

  1. Maybe i didn’t realize it before but now i do..You’ve grown up my baby brother 😘 Lots of love
    And yeah the only word that came to my mind reading the above post was “DOPE”


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