Entry 6

Well it’s a routine now, posting a new title almost every week, I had to do it again. I did not get any good topic to write about anytime soon, but here I am again trying to write this for the sheer pleasure I get when I write of what’s going on in my mind and the sheer fun I get when folks read it and waste their time yet on another blog which specially contains nothing extraordinary to stand out from the crowd.

Starting it off it was my birthday week and yeah people wonder what a special day it is for all,adults think of partying or getting high and kids hope for surprises and the special pampering, but let me tell you, it never lives up to the expectations, it can be smallest of a thing. For example it can be as small as a kid expecting a bike and ends up getting something else, the “something else” is good but never just enough, the thing can also be as big as I don’t know, a boyfriend breaking up with you on the day. It’s all possible and I am just saying, honestly! And hence knowing all of these there are people like me and there will be, who really won’t expect a damn thing about the birthdays and hence whatever comes out of the day they’ll enjoy it. I had a great normal day with some things here and there which would distinguishingly let me know it that it was my birthday or else everything was cool like usual. People celebrate their day as an addition of one more year of experience of life. I really find it funny thinking how they unknowingly passed their death anniversary again and they have some lesser time to spend on mother earth or how it is yet one more year again since they fell out from a vagina or the boys are one year closer to their balls touching the toilet floor (a friend sent me this) or another year in the process of becoming toothless and some endless gross stuff which is never thought of and shouldn’t be. All of these depressing stuff and yet we celebrate because it’s the day that brought us here to think about all of it. Being a kid the most challenging thing for me was to blow off all the candles on the cake in one try or else it was a kind of shameful to fail in front of the people cheering and shouting, the irritating thing was being held up by uncles and aunts and relatives for getting a picture, the best part was unwrapping their gifts of course! As puberty hit me the candle part got easy but trying to look good during the process was challenging it didn’t bother much to me but I wonder how difficult would it have been for the girls before the invention of pouts and selfies. When finally I am into my last year of teenage I have been able to get over all of the crap but certain people don’t and instead highly advance into new kind of tantrums! Boys don’t excel in this field much but girls sure do. Some of which is demand of sugar-free cakes, weight gaining complains and getting a picture with their friend, it’s very annoying to see how they weirdly put a hand on their waste in a position where it seems they are preventing their kidneys from falling off, the other around the friend, distinctively tilt the hip towards one direction and then give a unique facial expression that no other person in the room can give (this pose is univerally used for every moment by almost every girl)! I don’t know how girls observe us boys in this annoyance thingy, ’cause I’ve never been girl. But after all this what makes the day special is the love we get from people that matter and attention from the people that don’t. Birthdays are great, I love them too! And they should always come once in a year, right!? Cry you 29th February Leap Year born people, just cry!


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