Travelling in mass transport systems is sometimes a great headache, mostly everytime if you have settled in India! I don’t do that type of journeys a lot but I boarded a train quite a few times and you just cannot expect the next journey to be better than before. So there was this one time when I bought ticket of a train and that too of a general class, but here in India there’s no such class, its either reserved seats or the free coaches which are filled with people irrespective of the capacity of certain people a compartment can handle. Its no better than a goods train that is stuffed with huge amount of haystacks or whatsoever goods it is supposed to carry.
But then there’s some very interesting stuff going on between the stations and during the halts. The daily wage workers fill most of the space, i guess they take a holiday and go  from big cities to their native cities (which should be big cities too) I don’t understand how they get exchanged from state to state, they should fucking find a job in their respective places, I am not furious because of their poor selection of workplace but because they decide to travel in mass, approximately a group might contain a small village! The second type is the commuters which are not only frustrated at day’s end but also at the start and they usually wind up shooting anger blasts at the poor workers, it shouldn’t be encouraged as we are a democracy and all, but it seriously is fun to watch the chaos. The 3rd type is the settlers, these are small packs of 2-3 families that are stranger to each other but make a good bonding during the journey, they are pathetic only because of the gossip I can only imagine to have with myself because hey, we don’t talk this much to strangers or do we?! No we don’t and we don’t share snacks and we never spill it during the act of exchanging it and we don’t curse the government for making the tracks to bumpy, actually we do it all the time with everything mostly! Going on with my observations there are these food vendors who have developed a peculiar sense of humour which mostly aids them like a crazy marketing strategy. But what I observed about them is their ninja ability to switch carriages when the train is moving at max speed, complete mystery I tell you. But above all what leaves an impression and a solid proof for your fellow people waiting for you at the other end, that yes you’ve travelled via train or bus is this particular foul smell that scents all over your body and doesn’t get off until few baths and you have to leave with that and the smell in its uttermost ubiquity never changes and you can always find it in every train you travel.
Although India has I guess the world’s largest train based employment network and a majority of India is greatly dependent on it on daily basis. I would never stop seeking humour in this little flaws my country has but I greatly respect the authority that handles this large network since years although if given a chance to improve it, I’d at least add some ACs, and oh some fans too, automated doors lets not forget, proper scheduling would be my number one priority and safety of course and some other few things here and there, but that day is very far and almost beyond imagination when we’ll be privileged with these facilities. Till then keep travelling folks! Oh hey, aaaaaand keep stinking in it.😂😂😉


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