The Ripples.

arrowverseSince the Arrow-verse seasons Flash and Arrow had just had their finales over there’s a lot of question popping up in my mind. CW’s Flash’s season 2 and Arrow season 4 were just so awesome this year to miss even a single one episode. But its was a lot more complex ending than we could ever imagine. Arrow had its end straight up simple but very much further questions about the next seasons.1. Team Arrow.
We see by the end of finale that Laurel’s death had made Thea took a decision to depart, moreover Diggle decides to go back in the Army to seek his identity yet back again and he has some solid reasons to leave the team. We are left with Oliver and Felicity in the end but maybe we’ll be seeing more of Curtis Holt in the next season and yes of course Colton Hayne’s return in the fifth season is official and we’ll be more than happy with his reunion with the team. I don’t know what plans does they have with Quentin Lance’s character, honestly he needs some romance with Donna in the Coast City *wink wink*! The biggest question is what new tricks does Malcolm Merlyn has up his sleeves.
2. Oliver’s new enemy
I think there should be a villain again from the past or from the island just like Slade Wilson, that was by far the best season to watch because of the great villain selection process! But maybe he’ll meet some new bad guys being the new Mayor in town and make some action there.
3. The Past of Oliver
We saw Oliver getting a choice of decision in the past by Amanda Waller at the island to go wherever he wanted to but he says he has a promise to keep, Russia finally, I think to keep his promise to Tiana. And then we can finally know how did he learn Russian in the 5 years on the island (references to the previous seasons)
4. The Flash’s new villain
DC’ had announced a new speedster villain a few years ago named GODSPEED, I think its finally time now, he’s a cool guy though, white suit, golden lightning, trained by Barry himself and damn great speed yeah! I think it’d be good to bring him on a smaller screen and see if the character can do good in the bigger DC Extended Universe in 2018’s Flash maybe. But you never know, we see Barry going back in the past again and saving his mother this time.  That can bring the Yellow Blur as a villain again in the 3rd season.
5. Kid Flash
I was excited when they announced a third speedster in the 2nd season of Flash and I was really hoping for Wally West to be the one. He’s the Kid Flash and a sidekick to Barry Allen’s adventures.  When he was introduced I was pretty sure, when he got struck by the particle accelerator explosion I was damn sure and excited to see him in action but lately there haven’t been a single clue or any assurance of him being the kid flash and that is so disappointing. I have high hopes for him to be the Kid Flash in the next season.
6. The Ripple Effect
We all saw Barry not saving his mother in the first season because he was aware of the mass ripple effects that would cause some serious changes in the present and only Barry would be the one to know about the 2 timelines so he kept it intact the first time but in second season’s finale we see him go save her. Now the questions are how will it effect the present and to what extent!? His dad would be alive I guess and still a doctor, would he have met the Cisco and Caitlin and familiar with S.T.A.R LABS? He’ll be but no one else would be with him, I think. Moreover it might even effect whole DC universe and also the Arrow but that can probably disrupt the Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow! Hopefully the directors have thought of these things and made it more complex but fun and acceptable.


5 thoughts on “The Ripples.

  1. I liked the Flash finale more than Arrow’s finale, I’ve got to be honest. Though I was a bit disappointed in both I look forward to what’s to come. Hopefully both shows will bring their A game next season. Great read, are you currently sharing your work on any on tv/movie platforms?


      1. No worries, it was my pleasure. Well, if you’re interested, I’d love to help you get your writing seen on Moviepilot and Creators. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my About page.

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      2. I would love to try getting into MoviePilot and contribute my skills, if you can help me it would be so great of you! I already sent you an email regarding this. Reply at your earliest convenience.

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