The dreamt friends.

It been a while I have written anything apart from an unsympathetic confession and a greatly imbalanced movie review. Well speaking about the topic, every one has had dreamt or fantasised for some great examples of friends. Which contains mostly the combination of Coolness and Smartness among the mutuality of them and the friends which exceeds to a great level, apart from that a nerd maybe, equally hot girls too (don’t forget that), the rich guy of course that could finance all the wickedness one can plan aaaaand that’s it, the perfect friend circle i can ever imagine. Although honestly given a chance to be a part of these type of friends I’d lovingly part from my existing group of friends.
Speaking of whom,my group of friends are pretty unique themselves too! Arrgh and you must be wondering how dumb I am to only think of my friend circle’s uniqueness only, but I am aware of your fucking sentiments and I am aware that everyone likes their group very much too and there’s the whole point! I wanted to share how fuckingly non adorable yet habitual my friends have been for me. I don’t have a huge amount of friends which is mainly because I don’t have much of time neither the money you spend on people chilling around and then usually wind up being great friends. To start with at instant my permanent friends group and my college friends group is distinguished and neither of them have any mutuality on either side. Explaining them one by one, I’d start with a “Bro” he’s cool, awesome actually, you can’t seem to hangout good if he ain’t there and he makes you your wingman! Precisely this type of friends are common and they secretly brood and multiply themselves every moment! These type of friends are entertaining mostly but annoying every time! Mine one is highly desperate and I think he could suffer chronic masturbation problems if not given a girlfriend in near future. The other guy in my group is a nerd. He’s cooler than any of us. But the most annoying thing is having love birds in a group! I honestly don’t promote it much but am used to it now though because I have two of those gross ever romantic couples screwing up with each other and the rest of are everytime like out of words! They are so desperate to make out every time and every-fucking-where! Then there’s a girl who has had been recently through a breakup and I tell you its the worst thing ever to have a friend who is seeking relationship advices wherever and whenever they’d wish and all you could possibly do is give them a fake hope that eventually everything’s gonna be fine; which doesn’t stand true most of the time and they have to digest that bitterness and for God’s sake stop whining around! I hate it. And that’s all, everything I had kept a hold all these years and what for me friends are until I got into a college and got this another set of friends I am still figuring out how and what to deal with them but hopefully I’d find a way and make a great yet annoying example of friend to them to eventually.
That’s all for now.


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