About the WAR! (spoiling the shit out of it)

So I just watched Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War for the third time today and I am so done with it! It is fantastic and hey I too am a Fanboy and I ‘d admit there’s no going back to war again and I wish I spoil the shit out of it for you people when almost all of you have seen it so probably ain’t pissing off any reader.
It starts off with a Siberian Hydra hideout where Winter Soldier is assigned to assasinate Tony Stark’s parents on the date of 16th December 1991, the later part of the film shows how the events of Sokovia Accords and Helmut Zemo’s plan to crumble the Avengers within overlap and perfectly set up the beginning of Phase 3 of MCU.
Everyone was perfect in their roles and the new entries in the team i.e Ant-Man and Spider-Man totally stole the show. No doubt Aunt May still seems pretty young to me and I could possibly see some hot romance between her and Tony but hey I’m just wondering. Peter Parker had an awesome entry, gave the excuse of the century “I have homework to do” when asked to come to give Stark a hand at stopping Rogers and his allies. Loved Scott Lang too, since he managed to get into the IronMan suit, I was hoping he could get into Black Widow’s or Witch’s cleavage too that’d be pretty hot though. But at the end on a serious not, Marvel thinks for thanking of them both! Although I so pity Scarlett Johansson being so hot yet not getting much of romance and I always have deadpool in my conscience thinking c’mon Marvel show some hotness already! But okay no big deal, I totally forget that part when it came to action and the plot. But one thing that bothered me whole time was if it were Romanoff two years ago to tell thee govt. to kiss their ass on being asked to surrender why did she sign the Accords now? Was it that she had her Hulk cover blown and realized how fucked up she’d be now or was it that just peer? Anyways I still couldn’t understand one fucking thing about Vision! That guy is yet stuck in time probably and I think he needs get some flirting tuition from Stark if wants to nail the Maximoff! Clint has got old, its best to retire him or even shot him cold I don’t think he can be much of a use and killing him could open up sentiments and lead to interesting consequences. Speaking of main character Captain America was awesome as Chris Evans! Oh fuck I totally had it wrong but that’s thing about Marvel never doubt their Casting!! Rogers was awesome in action even had some romance with the Niece i.e Sharon Carter c’mon you old man you just couldn’t resist it could you???? NO! he had to kiss her, that flirty bastard, but at the end he has had his part to get one kiss! Go old man, enjoy it, you earned that! And that look was totally on Sam and Bucky’s face! Loved that scene. In the end they get along and fight again on Zemo’s truth revealing session! I hate watching a scene over again and again and again it just depreciates the true pleasure of watching such great movie! They fight again and Tony lying in the bunker defeated plays his last possible card, he couldn’t do much out of the vengeance than asking back the Shield from Captain, just because his father made it, i mean few movies back you hated your father and all his creations then why that sudden affection, but that’s justified in a manner, its family after all. There were a lot of easter eggs and cameos I didn’t probably catch all of them but all I got were pretty amazing, certainly not discussing them. go google it, this is not that type of blog! Loved Stan Lee’s cameo though, he just Stanked it!
The movie overall was good, no it was awesome and i really loved it until I watched it for 3 times straight and my sarcasm flowed out!
That’s all for today people.

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