The First Step (attract audience)

Dear Readers (there aren’t much of them)

I think I made a few mistakes starting a blog an year ago, I wished it to be a hit or pretty cool, however it turned out to be a bummer and there were lots of mistakes in that, some of which were Lack of content, no regular posts, I didn’t promote it well, and the most important choosing the fucking wrong topic! But here I am again, more stubborn and more annoying again with stuff whatever I’d feel much of entertaining and not informational because people don’t come to internet for fucking lectures! And I realized it when I got bore of it, so I think it’d be nice to provide people with humor which I kind of am good at (I think)! Another thing is that I just watched the movie Chef in which that fat guy (Jon Favreau) had to change himself and so would I, expect that i won’t be cruising in a Cuban truck selling sandwiches, sorry i don’t have that type of money to start with! Added to it here in India its hotter than ever so I think I’ll have to sit most of the time in a room and could do nothin but help myself with building this blog and prevent myself from the scorch! If any comic fan reading this, my next post I guess will be about the recent release from Marvel *spoilers included* it won’t be like the usual reviews don’t worry! If anyone not a comic fan reading this I’ll get to you later but please stay with me! .
So I guess that’s it for today fellas catch you in the next one.
P.S Next post will be more of humor than this hopefully.

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