Still Indian.

People move out after graduation and that has been a tradition for the most and well, being a good pupil, I felt like doing so. So, I moved out… of the country. Went too literal there. *Sighs*

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For a guy who has spent more than half of his life sleeping this post should just end with three simple words. SLEEP IS LOVE. So why are you bothering us with a longer one?

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Take a moment.

  It was beautiful. A state of excitement, the deep bass acting as a drug, people dancing to the music, a rhythmic thumping is felt, hearts race as they catch some breath between their shouts and for a little time, they had forgotten it was the last day of their college. Yes, it was farewell […]

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Every year around the time of Christmas I usually have this feeling of something new is coming in about a week and how ready I am going to be to utilize it in a complete awesomeness. But before I do that I like to think of how my year has passed and how have I […]

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I think as a kid, as it usually goes with almost everyone, I was hypnotized into thinking that you have to be romantically attracted to someone. Because KIDS! Every guy around was like, “Hey Bruce! -” (for a guy with Asian origin, that won’t be my name. To the topic anyways) “- tell me who […]

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Urlav reviews Strange

Or more of like Urlav ruins Strange. Yep, that is happening because why not?  I haven’t written a thing in while so let me just dive straight in and spoil the shit out of this beautiful movie (literally beautiful mosaics).

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Entry 13

It has been raining heavily since an hour and there’s been a power outage in my area, I am trying to study for my tests and it feels excruciating to try to concentrate and read a little bit. My phone’s battery is low and I am so stranded without internet and I just want to […]

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